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"The Situation Room" is an infinite runner game where you have to bounce off of and avoid slime monsters. Bounce off of multiple slime monsters in a row to reach a combo and beat the game! :D

Where is the theme? Well, it's in our hearts. No, wait, it's in this game. How can an infinite runner fit the theme One Room? This game takes place entirely in one room! Notice how the scenery doesn't change what so ever. That's not because I didn't have time to make actual scenery, it was for the theme!

Update #1: Now On Android!

Ok, I'm a little more excited about this game now that it works on my phone. :D Note: It doesn't seem to like multitasking.


Install instructions


  • Unzip and launch the executable.
  • Enjoy!


  • Make sure your phone is set to "allow installation of apps from unknown sources."
  • Download / Install APK
  • Enjoy!


TheSituationRoom_LDJAM37.zip 43 MB
TheSituationRoom.apk 18 MB