A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ludum Dare entry page

So this probably can't really be considered a game. It's more like a really simple tech demo. Pretty much all you do is fly an ICBM around until you crash it or you lose control of it. Consider it a metaphor or something.


  • Spacebar - hold down to apply thrust to the rocket
  • Arrowkeys - Use to guide the rocket

Some stuff you might miss:

  • You can click on the little earth in the lower left to switch to top view.
  • Use sliders to pan and zoom. Also use mouse wheel to zoom.
  • The upper left corner has buttons to quit and restart


Install instructions

Unzip folder and run executable.


NkUltra_windows.zip 13 MB
NkUltra_macos.app.zip 16 MB
NkUltra_source.zip 16 MB