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Dave from Bungie is a simulated iPhone text based choose your own adventure game that is based on a true story. Explore the relationship of two friends who struggle to overcome a vast physical distance by using electronic forms of communication. Despite this, YOU can choose to use the power of iMessage to shapeshift into someone else. Play it now!

Technical Information:

  • Developed in Unity 5
  • Scripted with C#
  • Art drawn in Adobe Illustrator

Design Highlights:

  • #nokill
  • Story is King
  • Non-fiction(ish)
Published Apr 18, 2016
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreSimulation, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tagsimessage, iphone, Ludum Dare 35, Text based
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Install instructions

Extract the .zip and run the LD35.exe


Download 45 MB